Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hallelujah! We're in Production

After almost ten years, I'm back in the studio working on CD number two. Thanks to everyone for their support - emotionally and financially - and patience. Thanks for all of the kind words about my music and performances, your encouragement, the begging for a new CD, and for hiring me and bringing me to your cities, towns and venues.

Some of you may remember that a few years ago I was touting a recording project called "Heartbeat." This is essentially the same project but the working title has changed to "Metaphor." Anyone who donated or invested money toward that project is still in. Only the name has changed.

Much happens in ten years time. When I recorded Hallelujah Land, I was pretty much a novice - at recording, at playing the "synagogue circuit," at playing with other musicians. In the ensuing years I've had so many wonderful opportunities and learning experiences. I've played with, and perhaps more importantly, gotten to know and admire as truly wonderful people, some of the best musicians around (Jewish and otherwise). To try to list them here would be a disservice because I will surely, inadvertently leave somebody out. I've got a great team and terrific facilities in place and I'm very excited about this project. I'm looking forward to putting out an excellent product.

Metaphor will consist of between 12 - 15 original songs. My producer on the project is my brother David. David is my older brother. Much older. I only say that because he is. And because he's had many more years experience in the music business than I have and in an era when important things (musically speaking) were happening. David will also be playing guitar and bass. Click here to see David's bio. We're recording at Ante Up Audio in Cleveland, Ohio and our engineer is owner/operator Michael Seifert. Check out Ante Up's page and Michael's bio. My percussionist is Rob Ticherich, one of the best around, Derek Poindexter one of the finest bass players in the business will grace us on a few tracks, and Ed Ridley, Jr., the hardest working man in Cleveland and (at the risk of sounding redundant) one of the best keyboard players in the country, will round out my core musicians. And no musical project in Cleveland would be complete without my long time friend and clarinet/sax/flute player Norm Tischler.

Others will be joining us. Check back periodically for recording updates. I'll blog our progress on the project from initial meetings to rehearsals to sessions to receipt of the first shipment of CDs.

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