Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Little Practice Blog

Someone recently commented to me, “you’re a little behind on your blogging.”

Since when did blogging become a requirement? I didn’t know there were assignments (other than working and dealing with one’s family – have I mentioned I have three teenagers?). Am I going to fail life and have to take it again if I fall too far behind in my blogging?

But, she was right. I am too far behind in my blogging. I’d love to be able to sit and write all day. Seriously. Songs, poetry, short stories, blogs. But after work, and dealing with my children (have I mentioned I have three teenagers?) I’m tired. On weekends, I’m tired. And now that “Idol” has started, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are spent with Mariah, glued to the television (it’s her fault. She got me hooked. But that’s another story…).

Anyway, here I am. And I suppose this was an inauspicious way to start a blog which really should have screamed: The CD is done! Yeah, lemme start over. Watch the space above this one.

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