Sunday, February 04, 2007

And Yet Another Phase

On to marketing. I guess this is post-post-production.

Well, I’ve gone through my first hundred pretty quickly. I’ve probably given about half away for PR and marketing purposes and to people associated witht he project. The rest I’ve sold mostly to colleagues, friends and family. Especially my mother. I’ve given her some, but she keeps insisting on buying them.

David, as a writer, editor and publicist, has compiled a vast list of media and other outlets to whom to send the CD. He’s also got connections in the music, TV and various other related industries. We’re not only marketing this heavily to Jewish outlets, but also on a broader scale to places such as The Fish, Cleveland’s branch of a national chain of Christian music radio stations, and to its parent company. My music seems to “cross over” well, and the popularity of contemporary Christian music is such that it’s practically mainstream.

We’re putting together press kits specific to this CD and we’re hoping to get some good reviews in print for it, so if anybody has anything positive to say about the CD, email it to me. Not you, Mom.

We're still working on remodeling the website and putting PayPal up. In the mean time you can visit and the Sounds Write e-newsletter where I’m the featured artist this month.

Our official launch party/concert will be Monday, February 26 at Nighttown in Cleveland Heights. There will be a media and invited guest pre-concert reception, with hors deurves and a cash bar, after which will be the concert. We’ve recruited the core players on the record – Ed Ridley, Jr., Rob Ticherich and, of course, David, my veritable A-Team of musicians, and San Getz, with whom I’ve never played live. (Sam did those great electric guitar parts on the record.) Watch this space (and various local news media) for details.

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