Monday, April 24, 2006

Things and Stuff

Not much to blog about these days. The tracks are still in the hands of the studio and we’re just waiting for word as to when we can get in do our final mix.

I had a cool idea which I think you’ll be hearing more about in time. I’ve run the idea up the proverbial flagpole and somebody saluted. It’s an idea whose economic time has come. I call it “Bartering for Gigs.” Details forthcoming. Interested now? Email me ( and I’ll send you info.

Speaking of sending info, Leon and I are working on an e-newsletter format for information about the CD, what I’m doing and, well, stuff like this. Well, for us to be working on it, I suppose it needs to move from, “Hey, we should put together a newsletter,” to the next level. It’ll be strictly an opt-in deal. We’ll post it on the website and send out a one-time email inviting you to sign up to receive the newsletters in your e-mailbox. You can sign up or not, and then, if you do, you can do what I do when I get yours: hit delete.

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