Monday, May 29, 2006

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OK. Here it is. Memorial Day. May 29th. The studio has told me that I’d be able to pick up a copy of the edited and “mixed” CD today. I don’t know if they didn’t remember that this was Memorial Day, or if someone will actually be there to give it to me. They have not yet returned calls or emails.

In any case, it looks like we’ll get their close-to-final mix sometime soon, and the last studio work can get done. Then comes all of that post production stuff. Next for the CD is a trip to NY where it will be mastered. I can’t even begin to explain the process of mastering here concisely. (So, hen has that ever stopped me?) I’ll try to find a good definition of it and link it here. Let’s just say that the mastering process evens everything out and gives the record its clean, final sound. It’s very, very important and it can make or break the recording.

Writing liner notes – all the stuff you read (or don’t read) on the inside of the CD packaging or booklet like credits, lyrics, etc. – is my next task. Then we’ll send that off, with the cover art, to my graphic designer and she’ll put it all together. The cover art, as I mentioned briefly in a blog past, is going to be a 3D ceramic piece by an artist here in NE Ohio with pieces showing all over the world. H. Anderson Turner is the Director of Galleries at Kent State University (coincidentally my and my graphic designer’s Alma Mater) and has offered his services to create a ceramic piece for the cover. It will, of course, be photographed for use. I have no idea what he’s coming up with, but I’m very, very excited.

I hope to be blogging more often again as things take shape. In the meantime, I’ll refer you to a cool blog just started by my friend Lydia in Chicago. It’s about her life over the last ten years or so raising a pair of adopted Russian twins with a myriad of emotional, developmental and learning disabilities. It’s really well written and at the same time heartwarming, heart wrenching, evocative, and funny. Check it out here.

See you ‘round the corner. (Um, whatever that means.)

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