Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bass Fishing

Wednesday, March 1. Day 3. Derek is amazing.

Derek told me that once when he went to audition for a band, he tuned up with his electronic tuner before he went in. When he got in and set up, they asked him if he'd like to tune up. Derek stopped dead in his tracks, opened his eyes wide and said, "You guys tune?" He said it was worth the looks on their faces.

We put down bass part for the four songs Derek is playing on. Actually, we added one, so it's five songs. He's quick, versatile, and more than talented with his instrument of choice. He's back in on Friday. I'm not sure there's much more he can do, but he and Rob will have an opportunity to play together to establish that "groove" they keep talking about.

The engineers spent the morning editing the drum tracks - smoothing them out, aligning beats, etc. After listening back to the drums we decided we needed to make some changes. No, Rob, you're not fired. We are scrapping the current percussion track for Reason to Believe. It just didn't get it. We're going to try some other types of percussion for it, like congas. Rob's back in tomorrow.

Michael was back, looking a little fat-cheeked but claiming to feel better than he did before the teeth were pulled. And he hadn't had a pain killer since 6PM the night before. Get me the name of that dentist!

We put down the last two guitar tracks, Blessing and She Knows God, and the reference vocals.

Still no accordion player. I guess I should call his cell phone.

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