Monday, March 13, 2006

Email From Mom

Short blog tonight. Much more forthcoming.

It was a weird day. We had our Purim carnival at Temple, so I started the day in drag. (if you are uninitiated in the ways of Purim…well, don’t ask. I’ll have pics up soon in the photo gallery.) Then I went into the studio for a couple of hours and worked on the rough mixes. (I have all 13 songs now on a disk. We put them in their potential order to see how it works. More about that later.) Then I led a Laughter Workshop at a birthday party. (I’m a Certified Laugh Leader. More about that sometime, too – in another section of the site. Check out ) Then I went to play Mahjong. Sunday is my Mahj night.

Now I’m home. It’s late. I’ve been working on the not-so-exciting producer stuff, like musicians’ fees, etc. I have to be back at the real job tomorrow morning. No, it’s already this morning.

Can’t wait to tell you about the Prayer Warriors’ session. The track Take Me Back went from being my least favorite to my most favorite. Although, it’s hard to say that. It’s sort of like choosing which one of your children you love best.

Don't forget about the glossary. I try to remember to create a link when I use a technical word you may not know. It'll take you to the glossary Like this.

I’ll close tonight (this morning) with this. I got an email from my mother the other day. At least I know somebody’s reading this thing. And her perceptions are so good. Here it is:

Can't wait to hear what you and David are producing - I am reading your blogs everyday (do you think anybody else is?) - I think it is fascinating and you are both geniuses - all this from an unbiased source, your mother.

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