Monday, March 27, 2006

Writing About What I Plan to Write About

Well, there’s not much going on studio-wise these days. At least not for me. I listen to the rough mixes until I can’t stand them and then I put them away for a few days. Then I email the engineers some more notes about how to edit the tracks. And then I don’t hear back from them. I have no idea at what stage the recording is in at this point. I guess it’s time to hound them by phone for a while. I’d like to set some deadlines and a release date but I want to be realistic (Ha! Manishtana halila hazeh mikol haleilot?)

I do owe you some blogs. These are the things I plan to write about… a) soon b) someday c) whenever:

  • Recording with the Prayer Warriors.
  • What’s happening with the song “Light.”
  • I’ve got an artist with pieces showing all over the world to do the cover art.
  • I have a graphic designer, a wonderful friend from high school and college, to do the layout.
  • More about the business of recording. I’ll even share my prospectus and budget that I wrote.
  • And more about songwriting in the “Noah’s Notes” blog spot.

My webmaster wants me to remind and encourage you to use the “comments” feature available for each post. There’s a little grey number (all zeros at this point, except for this one because I’ve posted an example) next to the post title. Just click on that and you can write a response and post it. I think it’s a moderated forum so don’t look for it right away. Leon will let you through when he’s good and ready. He’ll also make sure your comments are appropriate. So don’t leave anything stupid or linguistically unsuitable. And you know who you are.


Noah said...

This is my comment. I don't actually have a comment, I'm just demonstarting this feature. But if you have a comment, or want to innitiate some discussion in this public forum, you can do that by posting a comment here. Not that there's that much to talk about. The six of us -- my readership -- could just as easily set up a conference call. But it would be nice to know that people are actually navigating my website since Leon refuses to put up a counter.

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